About Higher Ground Tutoring Services

Our vision

At Higher Ground Tutoring Services, our vision can be summed up with the word HEART

H — Healing minds.  We desire most of all to see healing in children, their families, and the extended community.

E —  Encouraging.  Through encouragement, we seek to discover and build up the identity of individuals, coming to a place of understanding who they were created to be.

A — Applying.  We help students apply what they’ve learned about themselves and use their strengths to contribute to increased success in learning.

R — Reaching every age.  Learning never stops.  It begins at birth and continues until the end of life.

T — Together as a team.  We believe in working together:  parents, students, teachers, and other care providers.

What to expect from us

  1. Commitment and relationship: a long term relationship with you strongly contributes to achieving success. You will have one teacher dedicated to you throughout the whole process.
  2. Teamwork: working as a team with students, parents, the school, psychologist, and any other support staff ensures consistency in planning and teaching.
  3. Planning and preparation: for every hour of teaching time, we put in an hour or more of planning and preparation.
  4. Quality and experience: teachers are highly trained in their subject areas and have extensive experience to pass on to you.
  5. Professional recommendations: ongoing evaluation of needs and recommendations to parents or other service providers as necessary.
  6. Individualized plans: geared to students’ learning styles and needs.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
~ Albert Einstein